La Salle University School for the Deaf envisions to be the catalyst for the social recognition and acceptance of all Deaf people as full and equal citizens, empowered to actualize their potentials by an active participation in the economic, social and cultural life of the community. It provides a quality Lasallian education to the less privileged Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students.


The School for the Deaf is committed to provide appropriate Lasallian education, empower the Deaf and their families, create opportunities to engage in activities in the communities where they live.


The School for the Deaf aims to:

    • improve the Deaf's quality of life by providing appropriate education from preparatory, secondary and tertiary levels;
    • provide vocational and life skills training, sporting activities, artistic and creative activities;
    • empower the Deaf and their families so that they can advocate for their rights in the society;
    • provide special services where the Deaf are welcomed, loved and cared.