Change of Room Assignments and Dissolved Block Sections

Lycee S.J.-B de La Salle

From the Office of the University Registrar:

To : All Senior High Students

Please be informed of the following updates:

  1. Change of room assignments
    Strand & Block sectionFromTo
    GAS block 2LS207SB303
    Arts & DesignLS112SB303
    HUMSS block 2LS108SB310
    STEM block 7LS208SB305
  2. Dissolved block sections:
    1. ABM Block 4 - SB310
    2. STEM Block 4 - SB303
    3. STEM Block 6 - SB305
    4. ICT Block 2 - LS111
    5. GAS Block 1 - LS112
  3. Students enrolled in the dissolved sections are requested to visit the Coordinator's or Registrar's Office the soonest time possible.
  4. Merge block section (Core Subjects only):
    1. GAS block2 and Arts & Design @ SB303
  5. For Arts and Design Track:
    L-PAGFIL05WoFr (9:00-11:00am)WoFr (10-12am)
    L-DENFIL01MoFr (1:00-3:00pm)TuTh (1:00-2:30pm) F(1:00-2:00pm)LS112LS108
  6. Final listing of Strand and block sections are posted in each room assignments.
  7. For other concerns, please visit the Registrar's Office near the Valconcha Gate