Our Intention is to educate the Children of the Poor

Mr. Cristopher Noronio, Vice Principal for Administration quoted “When St. La Salle opened a school in France, the intention was not to educate children of the nobles, but the children of the working class, especially the poor”, in his welcome address during the Parents’ General Assembly on July 2, 2016 at the LSU Arts Center.

Mr. Noronio, further stressed out the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Every family is a university and parents are teachers. Every university is also a family and teachers are parents”, giving importance on the roles of the parents and teachers in bringing out the best of the students.

Meanwhile, Ms. Meredith C. Embuscado, IS school principal also gave a message during the event. Among her points were the success of the PAASCU Level II re-accreditation, the Homogeneous section for the upper grades, the Grading System which features the numeric figures instead of letters, additional Kiosks/Umbrellas for students’ comfort, the four (4) examinations for the school year, and the integration of the Br. Martin Simpson sections in the building.

In her message, she reiterated on the statements of Mr. Noronio, emphasizing on the stay of the BMS sections in our school.

“Our founder, St. John Baptist De La Salle, has never failed in the mission that we will continue to serve not only to the financially-challenged but also the poor in spirit and the youth-at-risk”, Ms. Embuscado stated in her message during the assembly.

Aside from Ms. Embuscado and Mr. Noronio, Br. Jaime M. Dalumpines FSC, the University President/Chancellor, also gave an inspirational message on the mission of St. De La Salle in providing quality education to the poor and the youth-at-risk.

The Parents Auxiliary Board President also gave a report on their accomplishments of the previous school year and their plans for this SY.

Before the assembly, the parents were given the opportunity to watch Frére, a movie about the life of St. John Baptist De Salle and how he founded the Christian Schools. The said movie was created and produced by the College of St. Benilde.

After the assembly in the Arts Center, all parents were then instructed to go to the IS campus and proceed to their respective classrooms for the Homeroom Advisory Group meeting and select officers for each section.

The Parents’ General assembly is an annual event of the school to strengthen the partnership between the parents and teachers to address concerns regarding the school and students in their holistic development.