Vision - Mission, Goals and Objectives

Vision - Mission

The College of Arts and Sciences lays the groundwork and hub of knowledge to produce well-rounded professionally competent, humane and moral individuals who as Filipino Lasallians appreciate social and natural realities in a general sense.

As LSU's hub of learning, the College provides transformative Christian education in the humanities, natural and social sciences to prepare the students in their professional life to serve God and society.

Goals and Objectives

To realize the Vision, the College provides students with a solid foundation in the general education courses dovetailing with the major courses.

Specifically, it aims to develop well-integrated individuals who:

  • exhibit excellence and service in their chosen career and profession;
  • respond to contemporary and future concerns;
  • display oral and written proficiency as gauged in professional efficiency;
  • value innovation, resourcefulness, creativity, peace and social justice;
  • appreciate one's literary heritage and take pride in on's national identity and finally;
  • commit to the preservation and promotion of the Filipino heritage and the attainment of social and environmental transformation based on research and extension.


In its goal to offer relevant programs to respond to the needs of the society thus supports the University's quest for quality Lasallian education, the College of Computer Studies initiates and innovates to offer programs of study integratin courses drawn from several specialized computing and information and communications technology fields.