Vision - Mission, Goals and Objectives


The College of Computer Studies (CCS), is a provider of competent, research-oriented, service-oriented and Christian ICT professionals and the Center of Excellence in ICT in Mindanao.


The College of Computer Studies is committed to instill quality Lasallian Education to its students through holistic formation specialized in the field of computing and information and communication technology.


In pursuing its vision and mission, the College of Computer Studies is guided by the following goals:

  • develop
  • create research outputs that add to new knowledge or answer the needs of the community through computing or the use of technology;
  • produce highly qualified, work–ready professionals with a passion for life–long learning;
  • provide a quality ICT education to the poor and the youth at risk; and
  • instill in the hearts of the students the spirit of faith, service and communion.


In its goal to offer relevant programs to respond to the needs of the society thus supports the University’s quest for quality Lasallian education, the College of Computer Studies initiates and innovates to offer programs of study integratin courses drawn from several specialized computing and information and communications technology fields.