Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


The School of Graduate Studies of La Salle University envisions itself to become a center of excellence in teaching, research and extension in education, business management and public administration in Mindanao.


It commits to provide relevant programs at the masteral and doctoral levels to train and equip its graduates with competencies, attitudes and values for excellent teaching, school leadership, entrepreneurship and public service.


It pledges to provide students with wholistic training to enhance the practice of their professions and to develop the sensitivity to respond to the needs of their respective workplaces and communities.


To realize its vision, mission and goal, the School of Graduates Studies of La Salle University aims to:

  • develop in the students the culture of scientific inquiry or research for personal and professional growth; and
  • promote the values of competence, commitment, confidence and compassion in their exemplary performance in teaching, leadership, entrepreneurship and public service.