Vision - Mission, Goals and Objectives


School of Tourism and Hospitality Management is the center of development in Region 10, Tourism & Hospitality education accessible to all.


To realize this vision, we commit ourselves to:

  • produce graduates who are globally competitive and more responsive to the demands of the industry;
  • integrate research-based curriculum with actual experience and practical application of knowledge.


As a center of development, School of Tourism & Hospitality Management aims to be internationally linked and accredited.


To realize its vision, accomplish its mission and attain its goals, the School of Tourism & Hospitality Management endeavors to:

  • continually update faculty through industry experience;
  • produce hoteliers, restaurateurs, and tourism entrepreneurs with a strong management and service orientation;
  • equip the students with knowledge, skills, experiences and attitudes necessary in the performance of their profession; and
  • provide community with knowledge and skills to uplift their socio-economic status through a research-based extension program.