La Salle University, formerly known as Immaculate Conception College, was founded in the year 1929 under the administration of the Jesuit Priests.

In 1935, the society of St. Columban took over the administration of the school. It was believed that the library existed because of the role it played in the education of the children. The library was once managed by a Columban sister.

In the succeeding years, the school grew and expanded into three departments: the elementary, high school and college department. Each of the departments had its own library independent from each other which was manned by qualified librarians.

In 1990, at the request of the Columban Sisters, the De La Salle Brothers agreed to assist in the supervision of the school with Br. Martin Simpson FSC as president of the school until 1993.

In 1994, the Columban Sisters formally turned over the management, as well as, the ownership of the school to the De La Salle Brothers with Dr. Emma Agudo Villaseran as President. She was succeeded by Br. Benildo Feliciano FSC.

Under the direction of the De La Salle Brothers brought major changes and innovations in library services of the whole institution. More books and audio-visual resources were added to the existing collections. More library facilities were put up including audio-visual rooms. Collections of books in the college were estimated to be more or less 29,000 volumes.

In 2002, Br. Narciso Erguiza Jr. FSC succeeded as President of the school. A dramatic change in management took place. He institutionalized the management of the Libraries and Media Center. He appointed Ms. Victoria Rosales as coordinator, then as Director of the Libraries and Media Center from April 15, 2004 up to 2008. She was assisted by the following librarians: Ms. Marilyn Bejec, the Graduate Librarian/ Museum/ Internet Stations in-charge, Ms. Mary Ann Grace Manili, Undergraduate and Engineering Librarian, Ms. Charlyn Sabanal, Periodical and Audio-Visual Librarian, Ms. Monaliza Mugot, Technical Librarian, Photocopying/Depository/Bindery Section in-charge and Ms. Cehridel Pingkian, Nursing/ AV/Special School Librarian.

In 2004, the administration purchased Follett Software for Library automation in Cataloging and Circulation modules. Librarians started encoding the books in the system using the Cataloging.

In June 13, 2006, the integration of the high school and grade school units finally took place with their transfer to the new building as part of the President’s vision to implement the Basic Education Curriculum. Two libraries were put up occupying the central portion of the building. There was also integration of library resources in these units.

Due to the increase of offerings of different courses and also to the school’s desire for PAASCU’s recognition, the different libraries were often visited by CHED inspectors and PAASCU accreditors. For these reasons, the growth of the Libraries and Media Center soared high rapidly to cope with the standard of an accredited school. But the tremendous impact of growth was brought by the CHED commissioners’ visit on June 29, 2006 in line with the school’s application for University Status recognition which was finally granted on July 10, 2006.

Thousands of old books were withdrawn from the collections and replaced. Hundreds of thousands of pesos were allotted to buy print and non-print materials. Donations of books and audio-visual resources poured into the Libraries and Media Centers through the De la Salle Brothers. Several libraries were added including the Specialized School Library which caters to Br. Martin’s Simpson’s Laboratory School, SPED and the Night High School. Additional audio-visual rooms with needed facilities and equipment were put up. Internet Stations were opened to cater to the growing needs of the researchers. Automation in library services was adopted.

Additional audio-visual rooms with needed facilities and equipment were put up. Internet Station was opened to cater to the growing needs of research activities. Automation in library services was adopted.

In November 2008 to SY 2009-2010, Br. Narciso Erguiza Jr., FSC appointed Mrs. Cehridel P. Lagare as Director of Libraries & Media Centers. All Undergraduate and Graduate School books were merged into one area in 3rd floor main library SC building.

Br. Jaime Dalumpines FSC as the new appointed President/Chancellor in 2010 re-appointed Mrs. Cehridel P. Lagare as Director of Libraries & Media Centers for SY 2010-2013.

The accomplishments under the directorship of Mrs. Lagare and with the full support of the librarians and Vice-Chancellor for Academic & Student Services, Dr. Calixta Colarte and approval of Br. Dalumpines. In October 2010 Circulation Section borrowing and returning of books were fully automated using Follett Software Circulation Plus. In November 2010, the Internet Station was transferred, expanded, air-conditioned was placed in 2nd floor SC building left wing. SY 2010-2012 University Library area was expanded from 1st to 3rd floor of the Sc building, Guidance Office, Microteaching Laboratory, Registrar’s Office, GSO, HR, College of Education Office and Printing Office were transferred to other areas. All the windows in the library were replaced with sliding glass windows. The library also added well designed steel wood panel shelves ordered from Thailand thru Manila. Re-arrangement of book collections from 1st to 3rd floors using the steel wood panel shelves. The library sections were transferred such as Technical to 3rd floor left wing,

Media Center to 2nd floor ring wing, Office of the LMC Director to 2nd floor ring wing, Circulation and Reserve to 1st floor near the Entrance. The library subscribed to Online Databases like ProQuest form LibTech for 2 years from August 1 2010 to July 31, 2012; transferred the subscription to College of St. Benilde-La Salle thru DLSP Library Committee Consortium from August 2012 to August 2013; another online database subscribed to Science Direct from DLSU-Manila thru DLSP Library Committee Consortium from June 2012 to June 2013. The reclassification of books from DDC to LC system started January 2010.

Summer 2012 Museum collections were separated from Archives in another one room, additional shelves were placed for the collections with the supervision of Ms. Marilyn Bejec, Museum & Archives In-Charge. In November 2012 the library purchased and received the Standard Bibliographic Tool, called the Books In Print 2012 as the main tool in checking the standard titles available in the library. All books and periodicals were encoded in the Follett Software Cataloging in December 2012.