Organization Setup

Organizational Setup

University President/Chancellor

    • Appoints the VCAR and the Institutional Research Director.
    • Encourages and supervises all plans of the Institutional Research Office through the VCAR.
    • Approves budget and financial/material requisitions made by the IRPO.
    • Sits in the University Research Council as the presiding officer.

VC Academics and Research (VCAR)

    • Supports and oversees the physical and human resources management of the Institutional Research Office.
    • Supports the Institutional Research Director in creating a culture of research in the institution by getting involved in any research activity.
    • Supervises the Research Director in the publication of the research outputs of the faculty.
    • Collaborates closely with the research office on available local/international research grants.
    • Sits as a member of the University Research Council.

Institutional Research Director

    • Formulates the objectives and activities of the research office through meetings and coordination with the VCAR, College Deans, Integrated School Principal, Department Coordinators and heads of offices with faculty status.
    • Designs and implements seminars/or service workshops for skill enhancement of the faculty in coordination with the VCAR, College Deans, Integrated School Principal and Research Coordinators.
    • Sets university research agenda/goals and provide routine eveluations of progress towards this goals.
    • Identifies and promote professional growth opportunities of university researchers.
    • Ensures adherence to professional standards and ethics of prospect research.
    • Develops and oversees the budgets, policies and procedures of IRPO.
    • Serves as the main liaison between the research departments/teams and the rest of administration.
    • Works to improve research opportunities, funding and working conditions at the university.
    • Confers with the College Deans as to their respective college‚Äôs research activities.
    • Coordinates with the College Deans, Integrated School Principal, Department Coordinators and the Research Council for the research projects made by faculty through meetings/conferences, consultation and follow-ups.
    • Publishes research outputs by coming up with the Lasallian Research Forum Journals.
    • Reads and evaluates research outputs in coordination with the College/Integrated School Research Councils.
    • Facilitates research consultation and colloquia sessions.
    • Makes himself/herself available for faculty research consultation.
    • Sets research timetable for all faculty to observe.
    • Helps the faculty in looking for opportunities to present their studies in national and international conferences.
    • Fosters an atmosphere of research culture.

University Research Council Members

Automatic membership to the URC is given to the following by virtue of their administrative positions:

    • The LSU President/Chancellor as ex-officio chair
    • The Vice-Chancellor for Academics and Research
    • The Vice-Chancellor for Academics
    • The Institutional Research Director as the URC secretary
    • Principal of Basic Education

    • Deans of the college units and graduate school