Research Agenda

G – Good Governance and Peace and Order

This agendum aims to foster the development of government procedures for a more efficient, effective, responsive and accountable governance.

AAccess, Logistics and Infrastructure

This agendum aims to address the growing need of all economic sectors for efficient means of moving people, goods and services.

TTrade, Industry and Tourism

This agendum aims to foster sustainable development strategies for activities based on the use of local resources.

E – Environment and Sustainable Development

This agendum aims to improve the knowledge, understanding and consciousness of the public in the global environment and climate change.

W – Well-being and Improved Welfare

This research agendum aims to improve evidence-based knowledge and understanding on how to optimize the delivery of services to the public using a systematic approach.

A – Agriculture and Fishery

This agendum aims to increase agricultural productivity, availability and accessibility of safe and nutritious food, meeting the people’s dietary need.

Y – Education and Youth Empowerment

This agendum aims to generate innovations in Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture-Fisheries, and Mathematics (STEAM) undergraduate education.

S – Subanen Special Studies

This aims to assist the preservation of the Indigenous Peoples’ culture and heritage.